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Nutrigates USA invites you to join hundreds of qualified health nutritionists and dietitians around the world to serve the community and help our clients understand their bodies functioning by studying their genetics.

“Nutrigenomics” reveals the way the patient’s body interprets different types of vitamins, minerals and supplements, how it reacts to a typical physical exercise and how it builds and eliminates toxic substances. This allows clear understanding of our client’s body type and serves as a base for adjustments in their nutritional diet by health experts.

Additionally, Nutrigates USA™’s production is based solely on assembling the supplements through precision formulations based on personal customization methods.


One step ahead

What is your relative advantage compared to other service providers?

This is a question we all ask. Through a simple and easy connection with us and a short, professional and free training process, you will make a significant upgrade of the service you provide to your clients.

Advanced service is available for you, as of today!

Personally adjusted supplements is not a new invention, it's been around for decades, but has been available mostly to medical institutions.

Our new innovation is in making a personalized supplement service available to the broad public. Read more on custom supplements,click here.

Health is not only for the rich people

Nutrigates USA offers to perform the genetic tests and to purchase the customized supplements for a fair price, allowing most of the population to enjoy the services that were accessible only to the rich up until now.

We guarantee you quality and fine ingredients, meeting the highest standards in the world

Nutrigates USA guarantees that the quality of ingredients used in the supplements can be personalized for our clients through the concoction method.

We are proud to have high quality ingredients, our labs and activities have never failed in any inspections. It should be emphasized that we welcome any inspecting body – private or public – to examine our supplements and the precise dosages which we supply to our esteemed clients across the globe.

Additionally, Nutrigates USA doesn't engage in manufacturing shelf products and does not maintain any stocks of capsules. The nature of this production is based solely on assembling the supplement through concoction and based on personal customization methods.

Genetic Tests – The best diagnosis for Personalized Nutrition Plan

Genetic tests should not only be offered by medical centers – the Health Experts may use this service too.

At Nutrigates USA, we encourage our health experts to recommend and provide genetic testing services to our clients as a medium of “preventive care,” instead of treatment of any kind.

The laboratories at Nutrigates USA have the most advanced medical infrastructure that meets the requirements of American Standards in the area of medical sciences. The equipment allows us to perform all kinds of genetic tests with utmost accuracy and precision. These tests can either be recommended or may be prescribed to the clients based on their health status.

To read more about Genetic Testing,click here.

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