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Nutrigates USA provides genetic diagnostic services combining personal concoction of vitamins and food supplements

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Genetic Diagnosis

Nutrogenomics is a research field aimed to develop a new method of adjusting nutrition to genetics predispositions. The genetic tests are designed to diagnose the way our body’s responses are affected by various types of nutrients, ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Using the genetic diagnosis, the medical risks of the subjects can be reduced, while adapting the most suitable treatment designed especially for them.

The tests are being done in labs that meets the global standards – providing services to medical centers by conducting a variety of human genome tests.

Genetic tests are a Registered Global Patent!

Custom Multivitamin - Create your own multivitamin
Personally Customized Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Formula (Designer MVM™)

Nutrigates allows you to create your own MVM™ (MultiVitamin & Mineral) supplement, using our advanced cutting edge technology.
Designer MVM™ - No more over the counter pills – only personal capsules. Every supplement contains strictly the ingredients that are specifically for you, all ingredients are produced with careful attention to detail for the absolute best quality available.
Designer MVM™ are available for general health and fitness enthusiasts, healthcare professionals, professional athletes, personal trainers, personal and group fitness instructors, including registered dieticians and nutritionists, and pre and post operative patients, obesity, and geriatric patient recovery.

The highest quality and accordance to the strictest standards in the world!

Nutrigates USA custom multivitamin - the highest quality of supplements

The tests are being conducted in labs that meet the highest global standards – providing services for medical centers through a large variety of human genome tests. The supplementary ingredients are produced using the most advanced technologies, while paying strict attention to the product’s quality. The supplements are organic and do not have any chemical substances in their composition. Every supplement contains strictly the ingredients that were specially ordered by the customer.

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We provide an extensive customer support center for your convenience, a professional and fast response from well-educated representatives. We provide detailed answers for frequently asked questions, as well as for extraordinary, somewhat private, questions. We can also provide clarifications regarding the exciting, yet a bit intimidating, subjects of genetics, vitamins and food supplements. We provide consulting services from the best professionals in order to help and serve our clients. We encourage you to contact us with any question without hesitation.

Nutrigates USA, custom multivitamin - Seminar

Seminars and training in Nutrigenomics and personal concoction of nutrition supplements are held every few weeks, under the sponsorship of Nutrigates USA. The acquired information allows giving professional service to clients and provides new health opportunities. For additional information and signing up for upcoming seminars, please contact us.

Nutrigates successful dna diet plan

Why do most weight loss programs fail? How is it possible that I consume little calories, do not consume any carbs, completely eliminate fried, greasy foods and still barely lose 100g? This question is very frequent these days. Today it has been proven beyond any doubt that any human body reacts and translates minerals and vitamins differently - each according to his/her own human genome. Each and every one of us has a different DNA and, accordingly, a different reaction to various types of foods. You must know and understand your genes' behavior and act accordingly.

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Our Personalized Nutrition Plans™ are designed with precision to provide the best recommendation for your body type and needs based on the results of analyzing your genetic properties. Your genes are affected by the foods you eat and, in turn, your unique genetic makeup influences how you respond to, and tolerated different foods and nutrients. The genes that are tested for influence weight management, nutrient metabolism, cardiometabolic health (cardiovascular health, diabetes risk etc.), eating habits (taste preferences, starch digestion), food intolerances (gluten & lactose), & even performance and injury risk! All this for an affordable price.

Why spend more on the “treatment to cure” if you can “Prevent” it at an affordable price!