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DNA Genetic test - Nutrigenomics, Nutrigenetics

Nutrigenomics is a branch of the genetics science field. It deals with the effects that food and its ingredients has on the gene expression. This means that Nutrigenomics is a research field that focuses on identifying and understanding the interaction between foods and nutrients and the genome on the molecular level.

Additionally, this field of science tests the effects of genetics on the reception and absorption of different food types and their ingredients by adjusting the gene expression to specifics of absorption, metabolism, as well as biological and environmental effects. By doing so, Nutrigenomics will develop a rational tool to create an efficient diet based on the human genome.

By understanding the mechanism of nutritious substances or the influences dietary policies, Nutrigenomics attempts to define the causality or the relation between specific foods, specific dietary programs (diets) and the human health.

Ultimately, personal nutrition consultation will become a huge contribution to public health in the next decade. This science is expected become a main concept in the field of nutrition; delivering the information and conducting the tests will become easy and convenient for the wide public.



The human genome project is an important aspect, providing a broader base thoroughly understand hereditary material in terms of patterns, variety and unity between different individuals and populations. It also helps understand unique sequence of functionality and the roles of different genes and their interaction.
Genetic decoding is a constant source of information, and as such it can be used in the future as well.


Privacy and discretion is important. You won't need to provide identification such as ID, driver's license, passport, etc. during the whole process of the testing and obtaining the results. All you need to provide is contact information. The company and the labs operate solely to provide service for genetic tests and won't pass on any information about you.


The genetic tests are performed in genetic labs that meet global standards, serve hospitals and provide top level research for centers specializing in development.
In addition to the exams shown on this website, other genetic and other clinical tests are available for most areas.