Vitamin B-6 and Me - Genetic Test

An extensive, genetic diagnosis that includes genetic information and nutritional interpretation

Test code: NGS-123VIB6 Price: 82.5 $

Target & Goal

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin. There are three different natural forms of vitamin B6, namely pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, and pyridoxal, all of which are normally present in foods. For human metabolism the active derivative of the vitamin, pyridoxal 5`-phosphate (PLP), is of major importance.

Vitamin B6 is also called pyridoxine. It is involved in the process of making serotonin and norepinephrine, which are chemicals that transmit signals in the brain. Vitamin B6 is also involved in the formation of myelin, a protein layer that forms around nerve cells.

So now you know, how important this vitamin for our body is!

Vitamin B6 deficiency in adults may cause health problems like:
• Anemia
• Weak nerves
• Skin, mucous membranes
• Circulatory system disorders
• Depression
• Confusion
• Low immunity or susceptibility to infections

In children, the deficiency may lead to an impairment of the Central nervous system.

Deficiency can occur in people with kidney failure complications, alcoholism, liver scarring, overactive thyroid, problems with absorbing nutrients, and heart failure, as well as those taking certain medications.

Each individual’s body is designed uniquely. Hence, the gene test tells us how your body is able to absorb and assimilate vitamin B6 to its optimum level.

Genetic test results

The test results will contain the examined, active genes in the test. The diagnosed test report will be formatted and will be mailed electronically to the subject as an attached file. Please note, this test does not diagnose any sickness, but associates the subject to his or her population group based on the tested gene.

How the test is performed

The test is performed using a sampling toolkit of saliva or mucosa. The test is simple, painless, and subject-friendly; suitable for any age. Children under the age of 18 will need a parent signature in a parent agreement form.

5 easy steps of Sample collection
• Large amount of saliva or mucosa needs to be sampled in order to perform the test.
• Spitting in the toolkit is not permitted.
• After opening the test stick, it should not be put on any surface other than the mouth to avoid contamination.
• After the sample collection, it should be returned to the toolkit immediately and the toolkit needs to be closed.
• The toolkit includes an agreement form that needs to be filled, signed and attached to the test delivery package.

Easy delivery and schedule

On receiving the test order confirmation, the toolkit will be sent to the specified address of the subject. The toolkit includes a prepaid redelivery package. The only thing required from the subject is to provide the sample in the test toolkit and sign the agreement form in the package and mail it. Delivery services will be provided with additional fees. The test results will be mailed electronically to the subject after 2-3 weeks thus, promising complete privacy and confidentiality.

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Test code: NGS-123VIB6
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